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Friday, April 27, 2012

The weekend is coming! Stay strong!!

Stay strong! The weekend is coming! This doesn't mean its a free for all for weekends. The best way to enjoy your weekends and still stay healthy and fit, is to give yourself a moment to enjoy things, such as sharing a dessert or having a glass of wine. Don't give yourself the whole weekend to dig in to bad habits.
Your success is only as worthy as your dedication. So a good rule to live by is an 80-20 rule!
That means you should eat clean and healthy and workout 80% off your week and 20% of the time you can let loose a little more. Give yourself that treat or take a rest day. Your body needs it for recovery.
Enjoy the weekend, but make sure not to retact all the progress you made during the week!
Have a great weekend!
PS. Those of you going to Stagecoach this weekend. Have a great time. Be safe!!

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