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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Meet us at the Barre..Sculpting and Toning

Glutes, Core, Calves, Hamstrings and even arms. Great way to tone and strengthen at Barre Sculpt

 Barre Sculpt is a great way to sculpt your body in a non-impact smooth flow for the body kind of a way. Barre Sculpt is a combination of slow repetitive ballet moves, and yoga and pilates forms along with tucking your hips and tightening your core. Each class incorporates, a yoga flow at the beginning as a warmup along with some upper body strenthening using light weights or no weights with very small repetitive movements. This technique gets deep into the muscle tissue and helps strengthen as well as tone the muscles. Adding muscle tissue helps to lean out the muscle as well as burn fat during class and hours after as well.
After the warmup and upper body segment, the instructor will move into the Barre portion of class.  During this portion you will find plies, releves, leg lifts, pelvic tucks, squats, chair poses, bridges and much more. Here is where you will feel the wrath of the barre. Movements are very small and controlled with a lot of repetition.
After the multiple sequences of Barre movements, you will move into an abdominal section. During this time, you may still be using the barre, such as the picture above. Pilates based exercises may be incorporated as well to get all muscles surrounding the upper, middle and lower section of your abdominals and obliques. As well as your glutes, hips, and inner and  outer thighs.
This class is for all levels, but we won't lie and tell you that you won't be a little sore for a few days. When first starting out, please take your time and take breaks if needed. Do not compare yourself to the veterans of this class. They started out as a newbie at one time too. You too will be as strong as you see they are soon. Use their experience to motivate you and to watch their form. Let the instructor know you are a beginner, which they will always ask if there are new people in class, and they can also give you modifications if needed.
Results will start to show after just 2 weeks of this class if you are taking it at least 2-3 times per week. These results may vary depending on your nutritional intake, but you will start to see your strength increase as well as your buns and core get tighter. 

Flexibility and strength all in one class.
Sweat Cardio offers Barre Sculpt, Mondays 11a, Tuesdays 4:30p, Wednesdays 4:30p, and Saturdays 10:30a.
Check out our full class schedule for other classes we offer or to sign up for the next class at 
We offer drop in rates as well as memberships. We would love for you to come Sweat with us!!

Written by:
Michelle Rotell
owner Sweat Cardio and Yoga