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Monday, January 12, 2015

Sculpting Your Body to Burn Fat

Chisel Mondays 10a and Fridays 9a with Tristan Haller

       Muscle is a wonderful thing. We should cherish it, sculpt it and feed it. It helps us in so many ways. It supports our bones and makes them move in so many ways. It gives us shape and form. It gives us flexibility and means to change our range of motion and flow. It helps us burn calories and fat if fueled properly.
      We need our muscle to survive. The myth that lifting weights will make you "big and bulky", is just a myth. It is HOW you lift weights that will define your physique. Most women want to look lean and healthy. They workout to feel great mentally and physically. Some will "diet" or "cut calories" only to lose weight with out exercising. This is a big mistake. We need to maintain or increase our lean muscle mass to help us burn more calories, so we could consume more calories, and make sure we are not atrophying the muscle we already have.
       Lifting weights at a slower, more controlled pace with a medium sized weight and at about 15 repetitions per set would be the best way for a woman to build lean muscle mass. 2-3 sets should be good. If you can do more than 15 repetitions, the weights are too light. The other theory, which could be combined throughout the week, is to use light weights at a small range of motion for a large amount of repetitions, 25-30. This is to get into the deeper, more fast twitch muscles.
       Our goal is to increase our metabolism. In order to increase our metabolism, our bodies need something to burn. We want to burn calories and fat, not muscle tissue. Therefore, we need to continuously feed our bodies with fuel (clean proteins and carbohydrates) as well as work those muscles to burn calories. Starving your body only makes your metabolism slow down to help store fat for future starvation. It is very hard, but doable to speed up your metabolism once you have tricked it into starvation mode. The key is to eat small well balanced meals throughout the day, even if you do not like breakfast, you must eat it. Drink lots of water and pick up some weights.
Your body will appreciate it. You will see results within 3-4 weeks if you are lifting or sculpting at least 2-3 times per week. Try to work each muscle group and not just focus on the ones that you "think" need sculpting. Our bodies need to be balanced and in line. Pick a lower body day, an upper body day or you can do 3 total body days. Most classes focus on the total body to appeal to the masses as well as make sure that you are getting each muscle group involved and burning throughout your workout.
There are many options at Sweat Cardio that are focused on weights and sculpting. Chisel Mondays 10a and Fridays 9a is a slower, heavier weight type class. No cardio involved. Sweat and Sculpt Tuesdays 5:30p is a combination of sculpting and weights. Buns and Guns Thursdays 6:30p has a combination of sculpting and cardio as well. Plus PUMP on Tuesdays at 9a and Thursdays at 10a is another great way to get your sculpting in, doing a circuit format of various exercises.
If you are looking for a class with lighter weights and more repetition, Barre Sculpt and Cardio Sculpt are a great option for you.

Sweat and Sculpt Tuesdays 5:30p with Kacy Hill 
Strong is the new skinny.
Make your goal in 2015 to lift more weights. Take care of your body for you.
Stay fit, Be well,
Sweat Cardio and Yoga
Article written by: Michelle Rotell
Owner Sweat Cardio and Yoga