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Thursday, January 19, 2017

TRX Suspension Training

Sweat Cardio and Yoga is proud to present our new TRX Training Lab. We launched TRX officially as of January 10, 2017 and the classes are going great. Everyone loves it and is astounded by the amount of muscle groups engaged in each exercise.
So far our biggest challenge starting off, since there are very few at our studio that have tried TRX is getting them to try something new. Once they do it, they love it! The second challenge is making sure our form for all levels and students is perfect. Once they get that, they love it!! The third challenge is our classes are filling up super quick because everyone wants to come back for more (not a bad problem to have)!! 

TRX Training uses suspension straps that hang from an anchor with handles. Using your own body weight, balance, gravity and a variety of angles you are able to perform various exercises to work multiple muscle groups. Each exercise requires you to engage your core; abdominals, hips, glutes and thighs which make each exercise more challenging as well as keeps you more aware of your total body at all times. The intensity can vary depending on the exercise. The great thing about TRX is that you can do it at any fitness level. By changing the angle of your body you can intensify your training.
Another great thing about TRX is that it is very low risk for your knees. By using the straps and your alignment properly, you are able to lean back further into your glutes to squat or lunge and reduce pressure on your knees. Lori Traywick, one of our Sweat Cardio instructors has had bad knee issues for many years. She has limited her workouts and has modified her leg workouts for many years. She says "I can't believe I haven't found TRX sooner. I can finally do a lunge and a squat without any pain in my knees." Here are a few exercises:
Top Left: Overhead Squat, Top Right: Cossack Lunge, Bottom Left: Hamstring Adductions, Bottom Right: TRX Squat Row
We are offering quite a few classes to start. We are focusing each class as a total body workout. Starting with a warmup, mobility movements, then  upper, lower body and abdominal work. We end with a few stretches. Eventually we will add some All Core, Stretch/Yoga and Plyometric/Cardio training to our schedule. We welcome all levels. Drop in clients are welcome. We are limited to 9 spots per class so please sign up online or register on our Sweat Cardio and Yoga App to ensure you get a spot.
Picture above shows a TRX Chest Press       


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