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Monday, November 2, 2015

Ankle/Back/Abs All Athlete Workout /Roller Derby Preventing Injuries

 Ankle/Back/Abs  All Athlete/Roller Derby Workout- Preventing Injuries

These workouts should take no longer than 10-15 minutes. I recommend doing these workouts on your off skating (training) days, however they will not hinder your skating at all if done before or after your skating sessions.
Day 1:
Ankles: Draw your ABC’s with each foot. Capitals or lower case are fine. Whatever mood you are in. One foot at a time or both at the same time is fine too. Once you feel comfortable, this exercise is better done with your skates on to get your ankles even stronger.
Calves: Calf raises. Hold on to a wall or chair, lift your heels off the ground to its highest point and hold for 3 seconds. Lower back down. Perform this exercise 20 times and progress each week by 10. Holding dumbbells on each side if available and balancing calf raises are a more advanced move and would be another option. Example. Week 1: 10 calf raises,  Week 2: 20 calf raises, Week 3: 30 calf raises  and so on…By starting at 10 you will know how many weeks you have been doing your workouts and will see how much stronger you are.

Abs: 1. Crunches: With your knees up, and your hands behind your head, perform 20 crunches up and down.  2. Bicycles: With one leg extended out and the other bent toward your chest (off the ground), twist your opposite shoulder (not elbow) toward your knee. Alternate twists and legs back and forth slowly 20x. Work your way up to 3 sets of each exercise. Crunches and bicycles could be performed with your skates on after you do your ABC’s.
Back: Stand in derby low, with or without your skates on for as long as you can. Keep your chest up, abs in, and arms in front of you. Count your seconds. Each week increase your time by at least 10 seconds. Repeat this exercise 5x.

Day 2
Ankles: Repeat Day 1: Draw your ABC’s with your feet.
Shins: Toe taps. Toe tap 20x one foot at a time. Repeat 3 sets of 20. Performing these with skates on will make your shins and ankles even stronger and prevent shin splints as well.

Abs: 1. Leg Raises: Lying on the ground, raise both legs up to a 90 degree angle. Place your hands by your side or underneath your lower back. Raise your legs straight up without swinging or using momentum. Repeat 20x.  2. Russian Twists: Sit up and then lean slightly back placing your weight just above your tailbone (not on your tailbone). Hold this position and twist back and forth 20x. Work your way up to 3 sets of each exercise. These exercises could be performed with your skates on after you do your ABC’s and toe taps.
Back: Supermans: Lie on your stomach. Raise your arms and legs up and hold for 3 seconds. Release down. Repeat 20x. Slowly stretch this one out into child’s pose before doing the next set. Repeat 3 sets. This exercise can be with skates on as well.

Day 3:
Ankles: Repeat Day 1: Draw your ABC’s with your feet.

Ankles/Core/Balance: These exercises could be done with or without skates, on your carpet or on the floor at home. Wearing your skates during these exercises will challenge you with your skills as well as your balance and strength. Work up to 3 sets of this routine. 
1.       Balance on one foot as long as you can with your knees slightly bent and abs tights. Repeat other leg.

2.       Hop side to side holding on one foot for 3 seconds before switching. Repeat 20x

3.       Balance on one foot, slowly bring your other leg behind you keeping it off the ground and bring it back to the front again. Repeat one side 10x. Switch sides.

4.       Toe Stop Walks  (If you aren't wearing skates you can do this in a calf raise position):  Walk on your toe stops 10 steps forward and 10 steps back. If you don’t have your skates on, you should do these in calf raise position.

5.       Toe Stop Box Step (If you aren't wearing skates you can do this in a calf raise position) :On your toe stops, step in a box to the right then to the left. Example Step R side-Step L in-Step L forward-Step R forward-Step L side- Step R in- Step R Back-Step L back.

Written by: Michelle Rotell
owner Sweat Cardio and Yoga
Certified Personal Trainer
Training Coordinator Wine Town Rollers




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